This Bag Is Made From Cassava!
Impressive Right ?
Properly Biodegradable
Biodegrades in Months NOT Years!
100% Environmentally Safe.
Good for you. Good for nature!
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Our Bags.
Why Cassava?

Cassava is an excellent material because of it’s abundance in less developed countries. Also, because it grows extremely quickly, with little effort and is indigenious to less developed countries, It provides a good source of income as a cash crop for local communities.

NewEco World will aim to use local farmers for all our cassava requirements.

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How We Make Our “Plastic”?

We take the cassava and extract the starch from it to create a compostable resin.

Next, we take the resin, where it undergoes a proprietary method to produce pellets.

The pellets are then fed into a machine to produce the bags.

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Why Our Bags Are The Best?
  • Plastics made from cassava with no other additives!
  • Biodegrades in Nature.
  • It degrades naturally. Special composting facilities aren’t required.
  • Will not produce dangerous micro or nano fragments during degradation.
  • Safe even if consumes by animals or humans.
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cassava ‘plastic’. A ‘plastic’ like no other!

Our ‘Plastic’ behaves in ways, no other Plastic can.

dissolving test
Dissolves in Hot Water (>80C)
Burning test
No Molten Residue
Doesn’t Melt
Completely Biodegradable

Our products are 100% biodegradable in natural conditions, without the need for a specialised compositing facility.


Our products have unique properties allowing them to be recycled with paper instead of with plastics.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products safely decompose in soil. They are also harmless if consumed by animals.

Made With Renewable Resources

Our products are made from 100% renewable resources such as cassava-starch and seaweed. They are completely free from petroleum-based compounds.

Why Our 'Plastic’ Bag Recycles Better Than Your Current 'Compostable / Recyclable’ Bag
NewEco World

With our solution, when you have finished with the bag, It’s returns back to nature naturally, wherever it goes.

Other Types of
so-called ‘Compostables’

The bag you bought that says fully recyclable or compostable only tells half story.

The truth, is these bags only biodegrade under specific conditions in an Industrial Composting Units.

If your council doesn’t have such a facility (most don’t) or most likely you bag ends up in landfill. Then your so-called ‘green’ bag isn’t much better than a standard plastic bag.

Decomposting Comparison - Why our Bags are the best.
Ordinary Plastic
500 Years
Your Compostable
5 Years
NewEco Compostable
3+ Months
Cassava Plastic - Full Disclosure

Our 'cassava' bags are a natural product and here a few tips to get the best from them:

Don't Overload - our bags have about 90% strength of a regular oil based plastic bag. Therefore avoid 'overloading' them.

Storage - keep them dry and away from places with insects. Because they are a natural product, insects consider them as food.

Usage - typically our bags can be used a couple of times or more, if they have not been overloaded. Because they are a natural product, they will not last as long as regular oil-based plastic bag. But that is a good thing, right?

Rain Exposure - light rain exposure is fine, provided the bag has not been overloaded. It will stretch a little, but will spring back to shape, once dried.

Life Expectancy - after purchase, provided the bag is kept in dry conditions and not exposed to light, they will last years.

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