Arsenal’s ‘afforestation’

The Premier League is back and with it comes an innovative scheme to help the world’s forests.

Arsenal defensive player, Hector Bellerin has partnered with global charity One Tree Planted and is pledging to plant 3,000 trees for every Arsenal win during the rest of the season.

Bellerin has urged others to get involved with supporting the charity, which runs tree planting programmes around the world.

“I hope that by doing this and using my platform, others will see how important it is to look after our world and donate to a cause which really affects us all”.

The move was welcomed by Diana Chaplin, canopy director of One Tree Planted, who said it was “great to know that there are champions for the environment in the sports world”.

Bellerin has spoken frequently of his support for environmental causes in recent years, which Arsenal has embraced a range of clean technologies at the club, including installing energy storage systems at the Emirates stadium, sourcing 100% renewable power and backing tree-planting programmes.