Packaging With Conscience

We started NewEco World for the same reason that you are visiting this site...because we’re fed up of seeing pictures like these and feeling helpless.

We Can Make A Difference!
How So?
Beacause amazingly, we use cassava, sugar cane and seaweed as alternatives to plastic.

When biodegradable is more than just a marketing gimmick

Many companies claim their products are ‘biodegradable’ to make consumers feel good.

But, in reality, they fall short of what you might expect.

Our products deliver ‘biodegradable’ in a way that far exceeds current standards and expectations.

Why our products are different from other biodegradables
Your current biodegradables needs a factory like this to be effective otherwise it causes the same impact as ordinary plastics!
Our Process…biodegrades in nature
If our plastic ends up here damage!
Wherever it goes, no damage is done to the environment!
If our plastic ends up here damage!

Properly Biodegradable.
Protecting The Future For The Next Generation.


Completely Biodegradable

Our products are 100% biodegradable in natural conditions, without the need for a specialised composting facility.


Our products have unique properties allowing them to be recycled with paper, instead of with plastics.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products safely decompose in soil. They are also harmless if consumed by animals.

Made With Renewable Resources

Our products are made from 100% renewable resources such as cassava starch and seaweed. They are completely free from petroleum-based compounds.


Ethical Production

  • Helping Local Farmers
  • Supporting Small Industries
  • Empowering Local Communities